Six ways to use fortified baby cereal for Baby Led Weaning

One of the first foods that is commonly recommended for babies starting solids is fortified baby cereal.  Babies have very high iron requirements from 6-12 months, making this fortified cereal an easy way to get iron into babies being spoon fed.  But what about parents who choose to start solids with baby led weaning?  Or, what about those spoon-fed babies who are starting to transition to finger foods?  Believe it or not, that baby cereal can be used in a lot of creative ways to support your growing baby all the way through to toddlerhood.

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Gagging and Choking – Know the difference!

Starting solids is a very exciting time for parents.  Whether choosing purees (traditional feeding) or BLW (baby led weaning), the top concern for most parents is always choking.  Babies often gag as they learn this new skill, which can be scary!  But knowing the difference between gagging and choking, and how to reduce choking risk, can be life-saving.

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The Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning – Book Review and GIVEAWAY!!!

Fellow Canadian dietitian Jennifer House (over at First Step Nutrition) recently published the Parents’ Guide to Baby-Led Weaning, a new resource for parents eager to learn more about BLW and how to get started with their babies.  I was super excited to read this book, so  I got my hands on an early copy (and so can you – keep reading to the end!), and here’s what I have to say about it…

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