The family table is not just a place to eat.  It is the place where families catch up at the end of the day, where they experience all the sensory joys that a great meal can bring, and where they can disconnect from the outside world and focus on one another for a while.  For many of us, it can be one of the only places where we have conversation without a screen or distractions, a place where we can plan and organize, dream and wonder, express our emotions in the good times and bad, celebrate our accomplishments and mourn our losses, and build our little community in our home.  It is, of course, physically the place where families eat food, but it represents so much more to the family dynamic and our daily lives.

My goal in starting The Family Table Nutrition Services is to educate, guide, and inspire families gathering around their own family tables.  As a Registered Dietitian, my role is to help individuals, families and communities to form healthy, happy relationships with food.  Please check out my upcoming workshops on infant feeding (and, in future, other family nutrition matters).

About Michelle Evans, RD


I am a Registered Dietitian in Toronto, Ontario, passionate about delicious, healthy food.   After becoming a mom, I noticed the amazing new role that food was playing in my and my growing family’s lives – it was no longer just a way to nourish our bodies, but a way to connect, to learn and discover, and to explore our roles in the family dynamic.  I started The Family Table Nutrition Services to further explore this relationship and help other families do the same.

I graduated from Ryerson University (Toronto) with a Bachelor of Applied Science in Nutrition and Food.  I then completed my dietetic internship at the University Health Network, where I gained experience in hospital and industry foodservice operations, community and population health, and various areas of clinical nutrition.  In addition to seeing clients privately and running my workshops, I also work at a pediatric clinic for children at risk of chronic illnesses related to obesity.  I am registered with the College of Dietitians of Ontario.

I am also a member of Jessica Coll’s Baby Led Weaning network providing evidence-based BLW workshops in Toronto.